More than 2603 orphans benefited from Al Aman Fund; of which 1562 students graduated and were engaged in the practical process of life.

The number of orphans who are currently studying reached more than 654 students, of whom 593 were enrolled in universities, 40 are completing their diploma level, and 21 enrolled in the vocational training program. It is also important to note that the total number of poverty pockets beneficiaries reached 694 students.

Number of boarding students is 115 orphaned students.

Number of non boarding students is 539 orphaned students.

  • A total number of 493 benefited from the labor market preparation program
  • 973 orphan students benefited from the job application service
  • 91% of the Boarding beneficiaries are satisfied with the psychological support provided by the Fund
  • 78% of the beneficiaries participated in the Life skills program